USDJPY 直近のドル円下落の到達点は限定的


FX – USDJPY ドル円の下落の到達点は限定的

FX – USDJPY ドル円は6/14にダブルボトムをつけたあと、中長期的には3月の高値である115.50昨年12月につけた118円台中盤を目指す展開となっています。


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USDJPY today’s forcast

Author : Chartist09
I used to be an FX trader at one of a major bank in the US. Technical analysis especially focusing on chart shape analysis with using open order + open position is my favorite analysis model. Regarding USDJPY it still looks in down trend for the short term perspective. Mid and long term perspective it should be going to try 115.50 marked in last December after we saw double bottom on 14th June 2017. The IMM USD long position was declining so rapidly last week which also affected this short term trend. I am expecting this trend persists for the short term but long term perspective it should go upward.

Open order and open position from retail FX brokers shows quite similar figures and patterns. There are stop loss orders between 10 – 20 as on screenshot above. Market may target for those but toward NY time, it may go downward to try yesterday’s low. If it breaks, strong support line is around 110.80. From long term perspective as everyone suggests, I am on the same page that toward 2017 year end, it may try 115.50 and mid 118. The word “carry trader” may become a buzzword once again in Japan.